Data Driven Coaching

Data Driven Coaching is for people that are serious about figuring out why their health is not what they would like it to be—and want to do something about it.

You’ll work with a practitioner to gather and analyze your personal data and turn this data into useful insights to improve your quality of life.

This new approach to health improvement combines the use of a self-tracking smartphone app with a practitioner using the Mymee platform to help you understand how your lifestyle impacts your health on a very specific, personalized basis.

Mymee client Mary from Columbus, Ohio, diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, says about her experience with Data Driven Coaching:

“This Mymee program is helping me in ways I did not expect. Like when I am as stressed out as I was last week, I almost always go for ice cream. I justify catching up with my old friends Ben and Jerry. This time, I haven’t had any ice cream. Nada. I didn’t even try to sneak it in, ie not take a picture I feel different, like there is a kind of indescribable shift of thought process happening. Its almost uncomfortable….the kind of discomfort that happens when I have been sitting slouched for so long that when I do sit up straight, it feels funny at first.”

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